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Monday, March 8, 2010

moments from completion

ever since we realized
us existed
I have felt love in its universal nature
it is there all the time
i see in everyone a spark
its a clouded individual that doesnt show me a sign
but my body is wounded
it can hardly function like i did as a youth
my thoughts are clear
i see very well
i have few illusions about what i am doing
and what effect it has
my illusions are only mine
everyone else can see through them very easily
i don't see them
love is layered yet it is only ONE
we carry a sense of optimism and purpose
that is a crutch for our lives
we hope to be loved always
and that our lives make a difference for others
in truth to become an ideal
we lose our ability to be human
for love is the ultimate not the reality
we find that we experience the moment infinitely
but seperated from what is going on in time and space
it extends everywhere and always
but we exist in the pieces and parts
to touch that ultimate reality
we transcend
and in that instant are forever changed
then the perspective returns
and the moment proceeds
into the next
and the next
and we are both greater and lesser than before
somehow the space we posess becomes infinitley bigger
yet the contents have shrunk
i hope that makes sense
i try to understand what we experienced
what we know is true
but in the context of work and traffic and money
and doing and having a million pieces that we create in our lives
everything exists together
and has a reason and a meaning for us
if we can only hold it all at once
and feel what we know
leave nothing out
include everything
then we accept our true nature
and extend another ray into the cosmos
for here there is a fullfilled being
ready to be whatever is there
just moments from completion
just instants from beginning
pure manifestation of divine love
the space expands beyond those points
and we become what we always felt we could be
without needing to do anything
you carry that power like a sun carries the light
all you ever did for me was just be you
nothing else needed
nothing to change or do
that is how I knew
i know it exists but has never happened again
the power of love
I wish I could go on and on
for this i truly care about
you and I and what we are
because without that there is no reality
only the bits and pieces
i never doubted our truth
it never failed in any way
we always came back there
it was always there
still is

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