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Monday, March 8, 2010

every sense

and i am flung to the arms of my loves own heart unfolding as eyes dance through eternities of desire
where one heart explodes universes and every heart lifts in the sweet song of surrender
i am that moment of pure realization of wanting everything and never knowing why she is come in my deepest dream to my end of being to my only thought of every touch of her illusion
i am done and begun where she would take me
and never to sleep never to take moments apart never to be but in her radiance unending
i slept and now am alive
where she calls i am her ardent lover waiting
always ready feeling where there was nothing but silence filled with her song her dance her love ending the sun with her smile
and always to be in a fog of wanting a cloud of wondering a love of her touch never ending wanting her near
i in her divine being her in my awakened soul one mystery abandoned and another overwhelming my every sense of self
would this be the moment of my resurrection the unfolding of my incarnation and ascension, there would she be waiting as i have for time without measure and heartbreak without loves own sorrow ending
each majesty bestowed and brought forward to this moment unending heralds of supreme delight rejoice
in moments created to hold this magicians passage to illusions of deluded minds we pass the touch of crazy hearts unblemished lost in time
yet love is never lost or found or placed on shelfs of small collections and dusted memories
love is always brought forth anew and alive quivering with anticipated wonders unimagined
where i end you begin and every skin is melted into one perfect halo of sensation where hearts are come to hold and fly
let my love be ever loving and my heart so pure there can be none other that is ready for your perfect embrace
one moment in all all moments in one we are together and all universes done

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