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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

consecrated man

if ever love were my first thought and last and the passage between its unaltering course
then this life this singular meaning for what i am creating as my purpose is found and its religion renewed for man in his lifetime
where there was want and desire now full awareness and unending realization of love as the message is come to its fruitful passions, the holy word the very physical and human sacrifice and the offering to all
we chant in pews lined with satin and kneel on the fabric of living creatures to feel our sundays devotion and drive away in chariots of gold and diamonds
full of our own worthy penance and meaningful communion
but even as the light descends we are brought to the poverty of our existence and left to the progression of our ultimate degeneration for the past is not forgotten and we read the writing on the wall in every household holding minds in locked dominion to the words of the petty masters and holders of the coin
for christ is the savior of the economy and will mete out the punishment to those who would hold back its authority to run mens lives into the book of the dollar and the cents of the holy spirit
be not amused for thou are the demon spawn and rightfully named
when this world was made the land was empty and the savages were without restriction
and you would deny the published creed and fortunate perfomance of gods handiwork through the acts of saved and consecrated man
all darkness is thy work and for pleasure we would bring the demon out of you
with the legs of the passionate and the arms of the devout
you shall be found unnerring in their judgement and in their wisest counsel
when the religion is brought to rest weighted upon you and the fire of hell is expelled then your ranting will turn to repentance and the love of god will appear
and though your labors are many and the flesh is unused to such unending fashions of the soul
there will be purity in the remains and rest for the living in this wicked passage

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