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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

limited divinity

the beings of Betelgeuse command this galaxy and we are the fielded peasants of their realm
where we would plow they choose our fortune and allow our petty victories
for the worth of what we do for them is to enjoy our empty passions and our frightful sure demise
for the eyeless beings without bodies are here everywhere in every moment we experience
they are counting our emotions our thoughts our defeats and losses
they calculate the time it takes to move from fury to despair
and the arc of ecstasy and hope
where we would be alone they fill the airless dimensions surrounding our every molecule
where we are searching through space they have lived for time unmeasured
our loftiest aspirations are their toenail clippings and while we have yet to understand the world they are the philosophers of cosmic awarenesses
to us they are invisible
to them we are the avatars of limited divinity come to play at wholly undivine games
they seek to know where we come from and where we go for them death is unknowable and birth never existed
what is so short and so lost and full of meaningless purpose fascinates them and is the only mystery that remains
for we come from an unknown source and flee where they cannot follow
so we are their amusements and research animals untouched but not protected watched but never directed
we are their only diversion for the universe is conquered except for this world this playground of the unknown children of some instantiated entity fallen from grace and hidden in some unfathomable dimension

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